Tuesday, February 13, 2018

EPISODE 00: "Love of Lynx"


And So It Begins...

Well, after countless lives were lost and with much gnashing of teeth, I’ve finally been able to get the website up and running. And that means that the introductory episode can be posted properly. And that means that I can now concentrate on getting the episodes out. The next one, EPISODE 01: Blue Lightning, will be out by Monday, February 19. And that means I need to get any and all feedback about Blue Lightning from my intrepid listeners soon. Please submit text and/or audio submissions to mark@atarilynxhandycast.net. Or you can submit it to the Atari Lynx HandyCast Facebook page (facebook.com/atarilynxhandycast). Or you can send it to me through Twitter (I think): Mark@LynxHandyCast. Or you can send a letter. Or a message in a bottle. Or you can use an Aldis lamp. Or semaphore. Or just send me a raven (as a GoT fan, I wouldn’t mind that at all).
I especially would like to thank Shinto for submitting his memories of the Atari Lynx to this episode…they are greatly appreciated. And you should all check out Shinto’s excellent Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast; it’s definitely worth listening to, even if you don’t own or have never even seen a Jaguar console. You can find it here.
Many, many thanks also go to Zerbinator for his continued support. His encouragement and expertise are very much appreciated by me. You can find all of his fun-to-listen-to podcasts here, including my favorite, “Please Stand By.”
Finally, my thanks to Ferg of The Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast. His inspiration and dedication to covering every game cartridge ever made for the Atari 2600 (I think over 1000 of them!) is what gave me the courage to begin this podcast. Please, check out his podcast, even if you’re not an Atari 2600 collector; or at least visit his website here.
I would like to thank Gamechops for graciously allowing me to use “Spider Dance” by Holder as the opening and closing theme music for The Atari Lynx HandyCast.
I would also like to thank the Free Music Archive for the following musical artists and songs that were used in this episode under the Creative Commons License: “MT Fox Shop” by Boxcat Games, “Falcon Hood (Tight)” by Podington Bear, “Hans in Luck” by Dee Yan-Key, and “Comedie” by Jahzzar.
Next Episode: “EPISODE 01: Blue Lightning”

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