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EPISODE 02: Electrocop


#PA2021 Published by Atari Corp.
In this episode, I cover Electrocop, the second game (in part number order) and one of the five launch titles released for the Atari Lynx in September of 1989. Included is a complete rundown of the gameplay, music, and sound effects. I also provide how much collectors can expect to pay for an Atari Lynx Electrocop cartridge on eBay, as well as a few tips and hints. Plus, I have some feedback about Electrocop from some of my loyal listeners.

horizontal-scrolling third-person action shooter for one player

Screen/playfield orientation: landscape
Based on:  Impossible Mission (originally developed as a port of or as a sequel to Impossible Mission). Developer Greg Omi's recollection: "It's funny, but I can't remember if it was supposed to be a sequel to Impossible Mission or not. I remember writing a story and basic game design and pitching it to RJ Mical, but I don't remember if they were asking for a sequel."
Other ports: Electrocop was never ported to any other system, although there is evidence it was planned for the Atari 7800.
Cartridge: 128kb stereo cartridge, available in flat, ridged, and curved lip styles
Carton: standard-tab carton in full color; available in large box (7 5/8" by 5 1/2" by 7/8"); available later in regular-size box (5 3/8" by 4 3/8" by 7/8")
Manual: folded 6-page manual in monochrome; available in large booklet (6 5/8" by 4 3/4"); available later in regular-size booklet (4 7/8" by 3 3/4")
Languages: English only

Epyx Games

Producer: Greg Omi
Artists: Arthur Koch, Karen Mangum, and Matthew Crysdale
Design Assistance: Chuck Sommerville (wrote animation engine for the intro), Charlie Kellner, Tom Schumacher, and RJ Mical
Music and Sound: Alex (LX) Rudis and Bob Vieira

Information about ELECTROCOP:
Atari Age rarity guide for Electrocop
Wikipedia article about Electrocop
Giant Bomb article about Electrocop
Gaming Arcryphon article about porting Electrocop to the Atari 7800
Gamecodes/cheats for Electrocop
Interview with Greg Omi by Gregory D. George and C. Forhan for The Atari Times (2003)
PDF of "Atari Lynx Hint Book," published by Atari in 1993 for Lynx game developers (cheats and codes for Electrocop: pages 34-36)

Reviews and ratings for ELECTROCOP:
Review by Robert Jung at The Atari SIG Historical Archive/AtariMax (1992)
Review by JDeLuna at GameFAQs (1999)
Review by Moby Games (2005)
Review by Ron Alpert at Gamasutra (2010)
Review by Ray Hardgrit at Super Adventures in Gaming (2012)
Review at Obsolete Gamer (2013)
Review by Verzu Chase at 3Wirel! (2017)
Rating by IGN
Rating by LaunchBox Games Database

YouTube videos about ELECTROCOP:
Review (Lynx Lounge/Brian Thomas Barnhart)
Review (mattymetro/Tavon Lavis)
Review (Video Wolff)
Playthrough (World of Longplays)
Playthrough (Virtua Boys)
Playthrough (Takashi Tsukasa)
Playthrough (Doctor Noob's Game Bits)
Playthrough and commentary (NecroVMX)
Music/Soundtrack (Laird's Lair)
Video of World Record by Swaggers
TV Advert for Electrocop (Scottith Games)


Retro Gamer Magazine article: "The Making of Blue Lightning" by Kieren Hawken, host of the Laird's Lair YouTube channel (thanks, Kieren!)
Interview with LX (Alex) Rudis by The Atari Times (thanks, Igor!)
Retro Video Gamer Forums (thanks, TrekMD!)


I would like to thank Gamechops for graciously allowing me to use "Spider Dance" by Holder as the opening and closing theme music for The Atari Lynx HandyCast.

I would also like to thank the Free Music Archive for the following musical artists and songs that were used in this episode under the Creative Commons License: "Suede" by Jon Luc Hefferman, "A Tourist in His Hometown" by Zero V, "Matriculate Yo" by Throcke, and "Eve" by Jahzzar.

I especially would like to thank Shinto for submitting his memories of the Atari Lynx to this episode...they are greatly appreciated. And you should all check out Shinto's excellent Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast; it's definitely worth listening to, even if you don't own or have never even seen a Jaguar console. You can find it here.

Many, many thanks also go to Zerbinator for his continued support. His encouragement and expertise are very much appreciated by me. You can find all of his fun-to-listen-to podcasts here, including my favorite, "Please Stand By."

Finally, my thanks to Ferg of The Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast. His inspiration and dedication to covering every game cartridge ever made for the Atari 2600 (I think over 1000 of them!) is what gave me the courage to begin this podcast. Please, check out his podcast, even if you're not an Atari 2600 collector; or at least visit his website here.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Atari Lynx HandyCast.


Next Episode: "EPISODE 03: Rampage"

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