Friday, August 10, 2018

EPISODE IN01: Chuck Sommerville and LX Rudis Interview


Recorded August 9, 2018
Many, many thanks go to Chuck Sommerville and Alex (LX) Rudis, who both graciously agreed to be interviewed for The HandyCast. The willingness of two such Atari Lynx legends to help flesh out some of their personal and professional experiences with the Lynx console and its games (especially Chip's Challenge) is a testament to their strong devotion to their craft, to their fans, and to the Atari Lynx community. Cheers to you, Chuck and LX!
As usual, I would also like to thank the Free Music Archive for “8-Bit Core” by Tagirijus used in this episode under the Creative Commons License as the opening and closing theme music for The HandyCast.

I really hope you enjoy this special interview episode of The Atari Lynx HandyCast. Also, keep an eye (and ear) out for other interview-only episodes coming down the pike in the near future.


Next Episode: "EPISODE 09: Chip's Challenge"


  1. It's outstanding that you're taking after ANTIC Atari 8bit Podcast by interviewing fellows like this! I messaged with Kevin Savetz about doing an interview with LX maybe a year and a half ago: no dice. ANTIC doesn't really do it because the Lynx isn't considered part of the Atari 8bit family, so it's important that someone conduct interviews with Lynx creators (preferably all of them). Please do more of this!

    Suggestion: I don't know who did the music for Malibu Volleyball but it is the most excellent music I've heard on the Lynx _period_. I was just examining it rather than passively listening; somehow, the composer managed to make some of those tunes sound like they have six or more voices, duophonic lap-steel guitar included. There are even these SID sounding vibratos in there. Upon listening carefully, rather than just enjoying it, I'm astounded by what the author was able to do with $1 worth of shift registers and I would like very much to hear about it in detail.

    Keep going! Great show!


  2. Hello. Thanks for this great Podcast about the Atari Lynx . I really enjoyed the episode with interviews. And please also consider interviewing actual developers and to talk about recent games released or under development. Keep up the good work 👍.

  3. These guys are both credited developers. LX is even in at least one of your games.


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